Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Notes from Kids - February

Dear Mrs. Walton,
I love how you let us do fun things insted of makeing us read from a big book, or making us do worksheets.  You make the school smile and laugh.  I will miss you so much.  I hope you can find a house in CA before you move down there.  You are the best teacher I've ever had!  You make me excited to go to school and learn.

Dear Mrs. Walton,
You are the best any your only getting better.  You take pride in everything you do.  You show respect to me and my friends.  And when we come to school, you rock the day away!
Joe T.

Dear Mrs. Walton,
This was my first year having you as a teacher and by far are the coolist and the most funniest teacher ever.  When you go I will miss you a TON!  I love the way you teach us!
Logan C
You are the Best teacher EVER
I will miss u

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