Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Hikes

I have been doing weekly hikes with my friend Melissa for the last month or so.  I enjoy spending time with her and her little man, Alex.  This week, I brought the boys with me, and Melissa realized she had to bring her girls with her.  I was nervous, because Waldo tends to not be dog-friendly.  But I introduced them in a controlled, calm-submissive environment, and he did great!  Melissa's girls, Bella and Allie, are such great dogs, and  it was nice to be able to spend the morning with ALL of our kids!

Typically we eat lunch after our hikes, but with all 5 of our kids, we decided to skip it this week. :)  We went to the NIKE-Ajax site, which is one of my favorite local hikes.  Excited to explore more of the LA area with my new friend!

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