Thursday, January 5, 2012

Does That Pinterest You?

If you are a woman, a designer, a parent, or a teacher, undoubtedly you have heard of Pinterest.  If not, then let me tell you--you need to get an account asap!  Pinterest is an online set of bulletin boards that you create and manage yourself.  I used to have a lot of bookmarks--sites that I wanted to visit again sometime--but I would never remember to look at them again.  Or I'd email links to myself for good gifts that I would find, or funny pictures/stories.  Well, now my inbox and my bookmarks list are free and clear.  I now use Pinterest to organize all of my online finds.  I find a good article/recipe/photo/gift, and I "pin" it to one of my online bulletin boards.

What is great about Pinterest is that you can also see things that your friends are pinning, and repin them to your own boards, if you'd like.

Since starting Pinterest, I have become much more crafty.  I find great cleaning tips, as well.  It is super easy to find recipes that I like, and I also find great outfit ideas.

Well, tonight I did another Pinterest craft.  But I decided to document it so you can see how it turned out.

You need: a scarf, a bleach pen, some thick paper, some painter's tape (not pictured), and a quotation.

Tape the paper onto a flat surface.  I doubled up some extra-thick brown paper.  I didn't have any blue painter's tape, so I used packing tape.  On the table I did this on, it worked just fine.  Then, stretch your scarf over the paper and tape it down, as well.

Use your bleach pen to write your quotation.

I did my craft while watching the movie of the book that the quote originated from (didn't have time for the Colin Firth version, so I did Keira and Matthew MacFayden version instead).

After 30 minutes, put your scarf through the washer/dryer.  Enjoy!

Obviously, by using a black scarf, I didn't get pure white letters--I might try to go over it again to bleach it out a bit more.  But I also like the brown/black combo. (don't mind my ugly mug in the photo--was just trying to show the scarf!

A similar craft I did this Christmas was by using fabric marker on a white/cream scarf.  I made it for my best friend with my favorite e.e.cummings poem.  This is not my photo, but it looked very similar to this:

Go to Pinterest.  Ask for an account, or just post a note in the comments, and I'll get you an invite.  I feel much more crafty and homemaker-ish because of it!


  1. this looks AWESOME!!! i can't seem to get into pinterest. I dont' know how to use it. I might need a tutorial.

  2. Super cool. I've been doing my best to not get Pinterest-ed because I'm afraid I will automatically be addicted. But perhaps the time has come for me to get an account and just use it... with restraint. How terrible!!

  3. That is awesome!! I'm going to have to pin you :)

  4. DANG! I want one! This is an awesome idea, I am SO pinning it! Thanks so much for linking up, I hope you come back each Wednesday to #PinFTW


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